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My new blog!

My new blog!

Dear community,

I am excited to share my new, redone newsletter with you, which is actually now a blog where you can leave comments if you are so moved.

This blog comes from my desire to build and support a community of people who are really trying to wake up spiritually, evolve psychologically, and do lots of loving action in the world.

I am taking this step because I believe that we desperately need such people and such communities to heal the suffering of the world.

I am calling this blog “Wildfire” for two reasons. One, the world is literally on fire. From an increase in actual wildfires to our widespread burning emotional pain to global warming, it’s getting hot on Earth on a number of levels. Two, we have the potential to transmute this destructive fire by transforming its energy into spiritual fire – the fire of love, the roar of passion, and the brightness of our shining souls.

I’d love to hear from you.


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