What heals

What heals

Dear Friends,

Recently I went on a retreat with some fellow therapists who are also close friends. It was a deep and thoroughly safe space.

As the retreat went on, I was impressed by how much each of us healed. During a few especially poignant moments I asked myself how we heal.

The answer was clear: All we have to do is be ourselves.

When we’re undefended, neither diminished nor puffed up, embodied, present, and honest on all levels, we naturally and spontaneously heal ourselves and others.

We move through our wounds in a very organic way, we respond to other’s pain with loving intelligent precision, and we celebrate and play too, which is also medicinal.

With all the messages out there about how to heal, I thought it would be helpful to boil it down to this one core principle. We may need an especially safe place like this retreat I went on or therapy to help us get the hang of it, but ultimately we simply need to be ourselves and we will heal ourselves and others.


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